Illustration of Tonsils?
Illustration: Tonsils?

I want to ask, is tonsillectomy included in medication or treatment?

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Tonsil surgery (tonsillectomy) is an act of removing the tonsils to treat inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsil surgery is one of the treatments for tonsillitis, but not all tonsillitis conditions require surgery. Here are some indications for tonsillectomy:

Inflammation of the tonsils occurs more than 3x / year
Repeated inflammation of the tonsils that doesn't respond to antibiotics
Inflammation of the tonsils causes febrile seizures, respiratory problems, difficulty swallowing, and sleep disturbances
The presence of pus around the tonsils that occurs repeatedly

There are several techniques that can be performed in tonsillectomy, namely cold steel surgery (surgery), diathermy (using heat energy), ablation (using cold temperatures), and laser.

After the operation is performed, depending on the condition of each patient, some patients are advised to be hospitalized first so that they can be observed, some patients are allowed to go home shortly after surgery.

If you experience recurring symptoms of tonsillitis, you should consult with an ENT doctor directly so that you can do an examination and you can be given proper treatment.

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