Tonsils Accompanied By Dry Throat, Eustachian Tubes Narrowing To The Ear Hard To Hear

If my sinus allergy is due to dust, weather, or fatigue, the tonsils are swollen, my throat is dry, one ear is hard of hearing, severe flu u0026amp; bnyk snot. How to anticipate it, I have to check up to the ENT doctor or General Practitioner ??? Or is there a medicine that can be bought freely without a prescription?

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Reading your complaints, it is possible that your complaint is caused by an allergic reaction of the body such as allergic rhinitis (not allergic sinus), but can also be caused by several other possibilities such as vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), inflammation of the throat, inflammation tonsils, ARI, common cold, influenza or even may still be a COVID-19.

In the meantime, you are allowed to take over-the-counter cold-relieving medicines using the dosage according to the package. If the complaint is not felt to be improved within 3-4 days after taking cold medicine, you are advised to consult a general practitioner first for further evaluation to determine directly what therapy should be given and whether you need to consult further with a specialist ENT.

Besides trying to take medicine first, you are also advised to:

Avoiding anything that triggers or aggravates your complaint
Remain at home for at least 14 days in a separate room / room from other people since complaints are felt and are only advised to go outside to check with a doctor if the complaints do not improve after taking free drugs.
Wearing a mask during complaints is still felt even in the house
Conduct a good sneeze ethic by covering your nose and mouth using elbows or tissue and immediately throwing the tissue into a closed trash can
Maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from other people living in the same house
Avoid sharing food / drinks / personal equipment with others
Make sure you eat clean and cooked food
Wash your hands with soap and running water for a minimum of 20 seconds in a good and correct way routinely, especially when going to touch the mouth, nose or eyes

I hope this helps.

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