Too Late For Menstruation Is It Possible To Get Pregnant?

Illustration of Too Late For Menstruation Is It Possible To Get Pregnant?
Illustration: Too Late For Menstruation Is It Possible To Get Pregnant?

Hi,. I am a housewife who just got married 4 months ago. I (28 years) and husband (33 years) are trying to have children even though we have not followed the promos from direct consultation with doctors, still trying to do it ourselves because we are still in the early stages of marriage. I have used the Period Tracker app to keep track of my menstrual periods even since I was in college. After getting married and finding out about the ins and outs of promil about when the best time to connect to have a high probability of fertilization occurs, I just realized that in the application there is a prediction of when my fertile period. I routinely input my menstruation period, when to start and when to finish. Well, that’s my question, so far my menstrual cycle has never been too late, even after marriage. Always around 28-35, most often around 31-33 days. Never more than 35. But this month it’s been 38 days and I haven’t had menses. What are the possibilities that might occur ,? If not pregnant, is there a possible abnormality or other cause? As information, I did not experience any complaints, illness or nausea or anything. I am always diligent in exercising and 90% are always in a fit condition. Thank you,.

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Hello Gatsebeun,

Thank you for the question.

Pregnancy planning is ideally done since before marriage, including by recording a menstrual schedule so that it can be learned when the best time for sexual intercourse (fertility period). However, even if it's just the beginning of marriage, you and your partner should continue to consult further with your doctor to have a fertility check. With this more examination, if there is a fertility disorder that has the potential to hamper pregnancy planning, of course the treatment can be done faster, so that the potential for pregnancy will be greater.

Late menstruation, in addition to being pregnant, can also be caused by physical activity fatigue, experiencing severe mental stress, excessive exercise, the influence of drugs or contraception used, obesity, weight loss dramatically, eating disorders (such as anorexia, bulimia), hormonal disorders (such as due to hyper or hypothyroidism, diabetes, thyroid adenoma), disorders of the reproductive organs (such as due to polycystic ovary syndrome), and so on. Not all women who are pregnant will experience nausea or other signs of great pregnancy. Therefore, monitoring these subjective symptoms alone is not enough to determine the exact cause of your complaint.

To be clear about the cause of the delay in menstruation, the first step that can be done is to do a testpack. You can do a Testpack if you have missed your period for at least 1 week, to get accurate results. Next, to confirm the results, you can do a re-testpack 3-7 days later.

It could also, you check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. That way, you can do a urine test, blood test, or ultrasound to be clear, whether menstrual delays are related to pregnancy or not.

Hope this helps ...

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