Too Often Experience Migraine Visual Aura?

Illustration of Too Often Experience Migraine Visual Aura?
Illustration: Too Often Experience Migraine Visual Aura?

Hello, good evening. U003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e My name is Dave Fujiana. Male. u003cbr u003eI am 25 years old. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e I Often Suffer from Visual Aura Migraines. After seeing, the headache is very creaking. I experienced it almost in one week happened 3-4 times.

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Migraine can be experienced by anyone, including young adults like you. Clinically, migraine is usually characterized by moderate to severe headache, appears dominant on one side of the head, and feels like throbbing. Some migraine sufferers will experience certain sensational changes, called an aura, before a migraine attack. Migraine can appear quite disturbing to cause sufferers to experience nausea, vomiting, more sensitive to light, blurred vision, dizziness, even fainting. In most cases, migraine will improve by itself in less than 1-3 days without the need for special treatment.

Not yet known exactly how the mechanism of migraine. However, disruption of the brain stem and its interaction with the trigeminal nerve is thought to trigger disruption of the balance of chemical mediators in the brain (serotonin) which play a role in modulating the appearance of migraine symptoms. This condition can be triggered by:

Hormonal changes in women, for example when approaching or when menstruating, during pregnancy, menopause, or using certain contraceptives Experiencing severe mental pressure Obtaining certain sensory stimuli, for example noise, glare, strong odors Changes in sleep and wake patterns Physical fatigue Consumption of certain foods or drinks , for example those containing flavoring, alcohol, caffeine, preserved foods Side effects of drugs, for example birth control pills or nitroglycerin, etc. Go directly to a doctor or neurologist for appropriate treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you undergo further tests, such as CT scans, MRIs, blood tests, x-rays, etc. to rule out other possible causes of headache. The handling can later be given by giving several types of drugs. Not only that, you also need to do natural treatments like the following:

Avoid triggers migraines (as mentioned above) Recognize what symptoms you experience before migraines appear, and be prepared if these symptoms reappear, do not overactivate. Do lots of relaxation so that your body and mind are calmer Diligent in exercising, for example yoga Make a schedule of activities that regularly, including relating to sleep patterns, eating, exercise, and other activities Don't over-consume caffeine Don't also consume alcohol or smoke Take the first paracetamol drug if it feels very great pain, but don't consume other drugs carelessly without a doctor's prescription.

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