Too Sensitive To The Environment?

Illustration of Too Sensitive To The Environment?
Illustration: Too Sensitive To The Environment?

Hello. I’m a woman my age is 21 years old. I felt that I was too quiet with friends around me. I used to be judged with negative words with my friends and there are experiences that make it hard for me to trust others. However, I’m not the type of person who thinks negatively or baper when I’m alone. I used to like baper, but as I grew up I became aware of the difference between baper and sensitive. When baper I tend to blame others. But sensitive is very different from baper. Sensitive can still feel but it does not interfere with our mood, we can even accept it gracefully. I am comfortable doing my own work, and quite understanding my shortcomings that makes me unable to have many friends. I feel normal when I can’t have as many stories as other friends, because I realize that I lack confidence and I don’t play out much. Sometimes I choose to go when I’m in a crowd, not that I don’t like them, I’m just tired when I talk to too many people. I am very open with family. I hear and can talk very long with family. I think the chat just flowed because we were comfortable and I felt like I was fully accepted. I never demanded that my friend be like my family. I am very aware that they have their own lives, and it is not their responsibility to care for me. I am not someone who forces others to want to be my friend. I have several close friends, but the reality is that friends can change because forever we are only extras in other people’s lives. I fully let it go and didn’t try too hard to fix it. I thought they were busy, and I didn’t want to force them to tell stories. I can let go if they really can’t be like they used to be. It’s not just about my feelings that this friendly relationship can’t be repaired anymore. Sometimes I have tried to tell stories and ask questions, but if it doesn’t work I think it’s better to just forget it, because it will take time. I want to ask, is being sensitive people wrong? I want to be logical but it’s like lying to myself. On the one hand there are people who think I am unwise because I use emotions too much. I don’t think I’m 100% sensitive, because I can understand and control my feelings enough and want to understand other people’s feelings.

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Hello, thanks for asking.

Basically, in the medical world there is no known 'baper'. The term is a layman's term, which may be more appropriate to describe changes in emotions and moods of a person due to an unpleasant thing. Changes in emotions and moods are certainly natural, as long as they are not excessive, do not occur continuously, do not interfere with one's productivity, and do not interfere with the ability of socialization. While what you mean is sensitive, it's probably the character of someone who uses feelings more than logic.

This is actually normal. Some people are more honed by their logical ability. Some people tend to use their feelings more when facing their environment. There is nothing wrong with that. The difference is due to the different characters of each individual. That is precisely what makes everyone unique. Humans can live by working together, precisely because there is a balance between people who are good at logic and people who have deeper feelings.

There is no individual who is 100% just relying on logic, or 100% just relying on feelings. So, of course, no one is 100% sensitive to something.

Humans can also have introverted or extroverted tendencies. However, there is certainly no such thing as a 100% introvert or extrovert. Maybe you have a character that is heavier towards introverts. It makes you happy to be alone, doesn't need much time to socialize, it's easier to be open only to people you trust, and doesn't need too much attention from the surrounding environment. The opposite will happen to people with extroverted characters.

There is no harm in being a more sensitive person. You can change that to be positive. Your ability to be more sensitive to your surroundings can be used to train your observation and analysis. Thus, you can view a problem or event, from a more detailed angle. Power of analysis and observation you can use for the progress of learning and work. You can also train yourself to be a good listener and adviser.

So, try to think from the positive side and change your sensitive nature into something useful. However, if you have doubts about your psychological condition, you can certainly consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

That's the explanation that I can give. Hopefully it can open your horizons. Regards

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