Illustration of Tooth?
Illustration: Tooth?

Can people whose teeth are broken and don’t grow back use braces? n

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Your intended pair of teeth may be using a crown to repair a broken tooth or the type of denture implanted, either using an implant, bridge, or other method. If you are using a crown, you can still use braces. On a tooth with a crown, the dentist will attach the braces with a different connection to the regular teeth. Apart from this, the installation of braces goes the same way as without the crown. If you have not placed the crown, the crown can be placed after the alignment of the teeth using braces. Discuss with the nearest dentist about the best plan to do. If it is difficult, the dentist will refer you to a dentist who specializes in orthodontics.

Implants are dentures that replace damaged teeth by implanting them into the bone in the gums. Because the implant is embedded, it cannot move with braces. In this case, it is best to get the braces installed first. If the teeth are positioned as expected, then the implant placement process is carried out. However, if your alignment process does not require movement of the implant, you can still perform braces.

We recommend that you first check the condition of your teeth to the dentist, then discuss with your dentist how the best solution is to treat your teeth. If you have braces in place, pay attention to how to treat your teeth as taught by your dentist. Don't forget to always check with the dentist at any given time.

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