Illustration of Tooth?
Illustration: Tooth?

I want to ask that there is a line in my upper tooth like I want to break a tooth. Lines but not just in line, while my teeth are white or not items, but how come there is one line if I want to break. What is your sign? Then is it a sign of porous how to solve it.

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Hello Wiswis,

What teeth do you mean, are they molars, incisors, or canines? The presence of lines on the teeth can be caused by the following:

The presence of stains on the teeth, for example due to the consumption of certain foods and drinks. Dental plaque, Tartar Tooth, Broken teeth, Pulp necrosis. Side effects of certain drugs. Therefore I suggest that you check with your dentist so that you can ascertain the cause of the lines on your teeth. The doctor may clean your teeth from plaque and tartar then provide additional treatment if needed according to your examination results.

Meanwhile you can do the following tips:

Keep your teeth and mouth clean with a toothbrush 2x a day in the morning and before going to bed Gargle after eating Avoid sugary and sticky foods Drink lots of water Avoid the habit of grinding your teeth. Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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