Tooth Aches When Eating

Illustration of Tooth Aches When Eating
Illustration: Tooth Aches When Eating

I want to ask that my nerve teeth are exhausted / they don’t exist but when I eat I still leave saying thank you

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Hello Ma,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, how do you know that your dental nerves are gone or are gone?

Even though your tooth crown is no longer visible, if you still have a tooth root embedded in your gums, it means that your tooth nerve is still there. Pain that is still felt when you eat is what indicates the nerve of your teeth.

However, if what you mean is that you have undergone root canal treatment (PSA) to kill a tooth nerve, and it still feels painful, it means that the PSA procedure performed on you before is not optimal.

If the pain feels light, you are advised to relieve it first by taking paracetamol medication, warm compresses on the outer side of rheumatic teeth, don't eat hard or sticky food, don't eat food that is too cold or too hot, brush your teeth diligently and continue rinsing with a salt solution, and multiply rest. Conversely, if the pain feels very great and unbearable, or appears swollen to spread to the jaw, difficult to swallow, and other severe complaints, immediately check with your dentist to get the right treatment huh ..

I hope this helps.

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