Tooth Aches When Lying Down

Illustration of Tooth Aches When Lying Down
Illustration: Tooth Aches When Lying Down

Hello doc, I am 23 years old. I haven’t been able to sleep for 3 days because of a toothache in the patched area, salt rinse, garlic ngunyah, eating guava leaves, and various other ways I have done. Already the dentist said he was infected and did not dare to take action because of the corona virus outbreak, the drug had no effect. What other steps do I have to take in order to be able to sleep peacefully dock, it’s not strong anymore …

Originally posted 2020-04-14 15:36:55.

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Hello Miftakhus,

Thank you for the question.

Pain from a tooth that has been patched most often indicates the removal of some or all of the patches. It could also be, pain in the teeth that you feel is caused by pulpitis, dental abscesses, sensitive teeth, gingivitis, sinusitis, jaw joint disorders, infections in the oral cavity, trigeminal or temporal neuralgia, migraines, brain tumors, head injuries, inflammation of the middle ear, stress, and so on.

Outbreaks of COVID-19, which can be transmitted through airway mucus splashes (including saliva, sputum, or snot), do require everyone to take personal protection, medical personnel are no exception. In performing dental care measures, including for the case you are experiencing, of course the dentist is at high risk of contracting this disease, if indeed you have the Corona virus in your body. Therefore, if not equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment) is adequate, the dentist has the right to refuse or postpone medical actions that are not emergency.

Regarding your condition, we recommend that you first relieve the pain you feel by taking paracetamol, warm compresses on the outside of painful teeth, gargling with salt solution, and first limit consumption of hard, hot, cold, and sticky foods and drinks for pain not keep getting worse. If with all these steps the pain is still unbearable, try visiting a larger health facility, whose dentist is equipped with PPE, so that action can be taken to resolve your complaint.

Hope this helps ...

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