Tooth Extraction And Denture Installation?

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Broken or hollow teeth, which appear as blackish shades, can be a sign of the following medical conditions:

Dental caries: Caused by a buildup of plaque which eventually results in tooth enamel decay
Tooth decay due to impact (trauma)
Lack of nutrients, such as calcium, which results in easy tooth decay

Cavities will certainly cause pain due to the nerves being exposed to the outside world because the enamel as a protector has been eroded.

If there are only a few holes, usually the dentist will suggest filling the cavity area to maintain your teeth. However, if the cavity area is very large and it is not possible to fill it, it is likely that a tooth extraction will be performed so that you don't feel any more pain. But of course what actions must be taken, must be based on the first physical examination of the teeth you are complaining about. Due to the consideration of the actions taken by the doctor on your teeth, of course, it must be in accordance with the conditions that occur in your teeth

For that, you should further consult your dentist about this problem so that you can directly examine the cavities and plan treatment according to your condition.

Things that you must do to prevent deterioration and maintain healthy teeth and oral cavity are:

Brush your teeth after eating and before bed.
Use dental floss / dental floss to clean the remains of plaque between the teeth
Gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash
Sufficient water consumption is about 2 liters a day
Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and foods that contain high sugar levels because they can damage teeth and gums
To deal with pain, you can take over-the-counter pain medications such as paracetamol to relieve complaints, as well as compress the cheek on the side of the tooth that hurts with a cold compress.

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