Tooth Growth At The Age Of 20 Years.?

Illustration of Tooth Growth At The Age Of 20 Years.?
Illustration: Tooth Growth At The Age Of 20 Years.?

Good evening I want to ask adhefitri, first my wisdom teeth had already been left down and perfectly, but the wisdom teeth were already dislodged, also dislodged, because they were not removed from the doctor initially because of the old rocking, which was taken off by the driver. And for a long time from that dislodged, now I am experiencing swelling in the gums, but swollen it has gone flat, there is pain in the presence of the place where the youngest teething can be removed, initially I did not grow my youngest teeth again, when I was told my doctor would grow out wisdom teeth. About if I don’t feel any pain anymore but my teeth haven’t grown yet should I go back to the doctor? And how long the teeth can grow, I am only at the beginning of 20 years. thanks

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Hi Adhee,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what checks your doctor has done before finally stating that you will experience wisdom teeth growth?

Wisdom teeth are usually the designation for third graham teeth (molar III) located at the tip of the inner jaw. These teeth are part of secondary teeth (adult teeth) which only grow once, usually in the age range of 17 to 25 years. So, maybe what you mean by wisdom teeth that have been rocking before the date, is actually the primary graham teeth (milk teeth), not wisdom teeth.

When going to teething, most people will indeed experience symptoms of inflammation, such as swollen gums, redness, pain, fever, to cause difficulty when chewing, swallowing, and even opening the mouth. This condition is often not dangerous. If this condition improves after undergoing treatment from a doctor, there's really nothing you need to worry about. Just improve your teeth and mouth hygiene so that new problems don't occur in your teeth that can cause annoying complaints. Later, naturally, your wisdom teeth will grow by themselves without the need for special stimulation.

If later on during the period of tooth growth, you feel a complaint again, do not hesitate to check it back to the nearest dentist, yes. In some cases, the growth of wisdom teeth that is very disturbing can be treated by giving several types of drugs or even involving surgery.

I hope this helps.

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