Tooth Growth In Infants Aged 5 Months?

Illustration of Tooth Growth In Infants Aged 5 Months?
Illustration: Tooth Growth In Infants Aged 5 Months?

Hello doctor. Sya tika seorg new mom. I have now stepped on 5 bulls. But lately, my son doesn’t want to see a doctor. He just wants breast milk. But I don’t know the doctor. The thing is I feel that my breast milk is not enough to meet my doctor’s needs. Every time he suckles he always feels like it’s lacking. But I still don’t want to drink the dot. When I touch my gums like there are rough teeth like that doctor. My mouth is open with reflexes like a koi fish. Are these symptoms that you want to teething, doctor? Then if my milk intake can be fulfilled only with my breast milk which is only part of the doctor’s breasts?

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Hello Mestika!

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The needs of babies from birth until the age of 6 months can be very fulfilled with breast milk only. Therefore, additions such as formula milk, honey, or soft foods have not been suggested in the first 6 months. Besides having complete nutrition, breastfeeding can also have a positive impact in terms of the emotional closeness of the mother and baby.

If you feel your milk is not enough for your baby, don't worry and instead reduce the portion of breast milk for your baby. The sucking reflex in your baby is a normal reflex in the baby for breastfeeding in the mother's breast, and if it is done will stimulate the release of the hormone prolactin, which will make more milk production. Therefore, make it a habit for your baby to suck both your breasts, so that they are stimulated to produce milk. In addition, you can also try to read how many methods of pumping breast milk as an alternative.

Age 5 months is the normal age for the first growth of teeth in infants, although each baby has a different growth time, some faster and some slower. Some of the symptoms that are often associated with tooth growth in infants / children, such as coughing, diarrhea, flu, fever, and seizures are not true, because there is no direct relationship between tooth growth with these symptoms. However, it is true that when the baby's teeth will grow, will tend to produce more saliva, and the baby will prefer to put the hand in the mouth, which if not considered can cause infection and inflammation of the gums.

To control the nutritional adequacy of your baby, I advise you to check your baby to a general practitioner or pediatrician so that a more complete examination, such as height, weight, can be adjusted to normal size for your baby's age.

Thus information from me, hopefully always healthy huh.

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