Tooth Holes Always Beat When Something Is Touched

Hello, doc I want to ask, my top teeth are hollow, then every time something is touched is always aching or throbbing, what should I do, doc? I am tired when I have to rely on pulse relievers. Thank you dock.

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Hello Larrasati, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Cavities are a very common problem for most people. Cavities are the destruction of the outer teeth / enamel, to the inside / dentin, causing a gap / hole, the size can vary. Cavities will cause problems that are very disturbing everyday because of the feeling of pain / pain.

Many causes of cavities include oral plaque that is formed from food scraps in the mouth, and slowly the plaque will erode the tooth layer, bad dental hygiene, often sweet or sour food or drink, dry mouth, aging, etc.

The diagnosis of cavities can be made based on a direct examination by the dentist, and if necessary a supporting examination will be done in the form of a panoramic x-ray to see how severe the tooth decay has been, and is there any damage to other teeth. After the diagnosis of cavities has been established, several ways to handle this, and can be applied to your complaints include:

  Filling.Filling or filling of teeth A filling is intended to keep the gap in the tooth closed, and not cause infection in it. Crowns / brackets are usually chosen to deal with more severe damage by replacing the crown with dentures. Root canal or gigiumum root canal treatment is done when the damage has reached the inside of a tooth or tooth root. This action aims to prevent the teeth from being pulled out. Tooth extraction is done when the damage is very severe, and can not be repaired. afterwards can be implanted teeth to replace teeth that have been revoked. At this time what you can do include:

 Direct consultation with the dentist, and related to the corona outbreak, most dentists do not currently open their practice. But you can try to find out which dentist is still serving patients. Usually at government health facilities dentists are still on duty. Avoid eating sweet / cold foods. Brush your teeth often, especially after eating. That's all the answers I can give, thank you very much :)

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