Toothache Cavities And Grayish Color On The Teeth?

Illustration of Toothache Cavities And Grayish Color On The Teeth?
Illustration: Toothache Cavities And Grayish Color On The Teeth?

, my upper teeth are at the front of the hole, I’ve filled them 2x, and it’s been 3 years since I let the fillings come off and I didn’t fill them again, because the holes were getting bigger. But now I often get toothaches and my teeth are a little gray, even though they are not thick. R n Asking him for advice on my teeth, should I pull out my teeth because they are gray, or can I just fill them again? Thank you😊

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Cavities can cause unpleasant complaints and can interfere with chewing or eating, cavities can also cause bad breath complaints. Cavities if left untreated can have a bad effect and can lead to complications. Cavities can also cause infection and if this infection develops it can spread to other parts of the body such as the heart or brain which can be fatal. Complications that can arise from the condition of cavities that are left untreated include:

tooth infection
tooth abscess is a condition where the infection causes a buildup of pus in the gum tissue or under the tooth
endocarditis, which is a complication of the heart valve which is also affected by infection that spreads from the cavity
meningitis is a complication of infection of the teeth that spreads to the brain

For the treatment of cavities, it depends on the condition of your teeth, whether there is inflammation and swelling or not, whether the size is so large that it needs permanent filling or tooth extraction. For this reason, you should go directly to the dentist to further assess the condition of your teeth and get appropriate treatment whether you need to take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs first or not, whether you need a temporary, permanent or permanent filling or tooth extraction. or other possible treatment.

For the problem of gray teeth color it is also advisable to do further consultation whether special measures are needed to whiten teeth or not, such as veneers, etc. Some of these things you need to pay attention to:

brush your teeth regularly 2x a day
gargle after eating
drink a lot of water
avoid frequent consumption of drinks that are too hot or too cold
routine control to the dentist every 6 months

following articles you can read how to whiten teeth, cavities

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