Toothache Does Not Heal Until The Gums Are Swollen?

Illustration of Toothache Does Not Heal Until The Gums Are Swollen?
Illustration: Toothache Does Not Heal Until The Gums Are Swollen?

Hello, I have a toothache every week at dawn, it is very annoying, I have tried various kinds of medicine but it has not healed, cavities and swollen gums … due to dental plaque plaque may be painful …. I ask for good advice if you pull it out or patch it up … if you pull it off I’m afraid of getting nerve if patched someone will say that the recurrence of the pain is worse … and does tooth extraction have anything to do with lymphoma cancer ?????

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Toothache can indeed be caused by many factors, usually teeth that are diseased due to the pulp / the deepest part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and sensitive nerves become inflamed. This inflammation can be caused by many things such as tooth decay (this condition is often caused by the surface of cavities), accumulation of pus at the base of the teeth due to bacterial infection (periapical abscess), gum shrinkage, cracked teeth, or the presence of damaged fillings (on teeth that have been patched ).

For early treatment at home you can indeed take anti-pain medication to relieve the symptoms of pain that arises, but the cause of this pain cannot be eliminated only by taking the drug, for that we recommend that you should be able to go directly to the dentist. The doctor will look at the condition of the teeth and gums that have inflammation and can determine the action that should be done for the best results.

Cavities if left, the longer the cavities will get bigger, the risk of infection and can cause tooth loss. The causes of cavities are also many, including not using fluoride toothpaste, consuming too much sweet or sour food or drink, increasing age, suffering from eating disorders, etc. If left unattended, cavities have many risks. Cavities can cause abscesses, a significant decrease in body weight because they are not able to chew food properly, other than that cavities are also at risk for the development of endocarditis which is an infection of the inner lining of the heart chambers and heart valves, and sinusitis (infection of the sinus cavities).

The treatment of cavities also differs depending on the severity of the condition, some of which are:
- filling or filling teeth, is the most common action taken, usually the teeth will be drilled in advance to remove the damaged teeth then patch with special materials.
- crown or dental brackets, performed at the level of tooth decay which is more severe where the condition of the teeth are also weak.
- root canal, or root canal treatment, this is done if the damage has reached the tooth root.
- tooth extraction, done when the damage is very severe and can not be restored.

For that you should be able to consult directly with the dentist to be able to determine the next appropriate treatment in accordance with the current condition of your teeth.

regarding the lymph node system or lymphatic system, is an organ system that has many functions including to fight infection, deal with cancer cells, treat cell production that can cause disease, regulate body fluid balance, and absorb some food fat in the intestine. Cancer of the lymphatic system or known as lymphoma is caused by various factors such as certain age ranges that are more at risk, history of exposure to the EBV virus, weakening of the immune system, heredity, obesity, etc. There is no direct data related to the tooth extraction process, because basically cancer is a disease that can arise from a variety of risk factors that support.

Thus we can convey information, hopefully useful, thank you.

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