Toothache In Babies?

Illustration of Toothache In Babies?
Illustration: Toothache In Babies?

Hello .. I want it, my child seems to want to grow teeth because of fuss, always out of excessive saliva u0026amp; also always put his finger into his mouth when skit, dy currently does not want to drink milk from a bottle of possibility because of illness, besides giving paracetamol, can dy drink cold water? My child is 1 year old

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Many things can cause the baby to be more fussy than usual, one of which is the growth of teeth. Teething, even in children and adolescents can be very painful, especially in infants. So at an age where teeth grow a lot, babies often put everything in their mouths and bite it to divert pain.

In your case, we cannot be certain whether your child will grow teeth, or other conditions such as dental infections, inflammation of the respiratory tract, flu or other possibilities. What is clear, if you want to give heat-lowering drugs, you should consult your doctor first even though it is a drug that is sold freely. This is because the dose in children must be adjusted to their weight and age, so it is not as simple as giving medicine to adults. Not to mention if it turns out after being examined your child needs antibiotics, or other drugs that require a doctor's prescription. All this can only be known after being examined. Therefore, if your child's condition does not improve after 2-3 days, you should immediately take it to the pediatrician.

Then regarding cold water, no problem considering its age is 1 year. Just make sure that the water is not too cold so that it makes the head hurt and meet other nutritional needs. Keep it away from small objects that can be swallowed such as buttons and camphor, and keep away from sick people. So, hopefully answering your question.

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