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rnI am 17 years oldrnWhen I was a child, I often had toothaches because my teeth were cavities and after being treated, I have not felt toothache for several yearsrnBut at the end of 2016 I felt a toothache in the lower part of my gums. it was unbearable that it gave me a headachernFinally I decided to go to the nearest dentist and my teeth were filledrnThe condition of my teeth has improved but sometimes it still hurts and I was advised to drink Ponstan but it turns out that I often get sick and often drink Ponstan until I was hospitalized because it was too oftenrnFinally I was checked by another doctor and it turned out that my tooth nerve had not died, causing frequent painrnBecause until now my pain has not healed, I plan to remove my gingsul toothrnAccording to doctor, what action should I take? Is it okay to remove the gums?rnThank you

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Toothache is a very annoying complaint. When the pain appears, usually the surrounding area such as the jaw and even the head can hurt too. In the area of ​​the tooth that hurts, other complaints may also be found, such as swelling, redness, holes, or a foul odor. To overcome this, let us first understand the mechanism of toothache and its causes.

Inside the tooth is a part called the pulp. This part is very sensitive because there are many blood vessels and nerves there. If a toothache occurs, it is mostly caused by inflammation of this pulp area. The causes of inflammation are various, namely:

Decay that causes teeth to appear cavities
Bacterial infection that causes a buildup of pus (abscess)
Cracked teeth
Broken tooth fillings
Injuries to the jaw area

In your case, it is certainly difficult for us to know the exact cause of the toothache without a direct examination. What you are doing is correct by going straight to the dentist. The best treatment will be carried out by the doctor according to the cause of the complaint.

Inflammation of the pulp due to bacterial infection will be treated first with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory / painkillers. After the infection is assessed as controlled, if there is pus or decay then action is taken. The actions vary, ranging from dental canal treatment, filling (refilling if the previous one was damaged), and the last step is tooth extraction if none of the previous methods worked. For your case, try to consult with your dentist first about the best option for your complaint.

Simple tips for overcoming toothache:

Gargle with warm water
Cold compress on the painful tooth area
Take over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol
Maintain dental hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly 2x/day
Quit smoking

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