Toothache Pain?

Illustration of Toothache Pain?
Illustration: Toothache Pain?

Good evening. I have a fairly large cavity, what is the solution? Do you have to use a needle? The problem is the pain comes all the time

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Hi Rapi Purnomo,

Tooth decay does require proper handling so as not to cause further complications. Cavities can be a place for bacteria to nest, so that the infection they cause can spread to the tissues around the teeth such as gums, teeth bones and other tooth supporting tissues. Even if bacteria have entered the bloodstream, this condition can lead to fatal complications such as stroke or heart attack. Therefore, if you experience cavities, this condition should not be ignored and treated immediately.

However, it is not recommended that you try to treat the cavity yourself, especially by inserting a needle yourself, which can lead to further infection. To solve the problem of cavities, you should consult a dentist so that it can be examined further. The doctor will perform a medical examination to assess the condition of the cavity and determine the right treatment for you.

The treatment given will depend on the condition of the cavity. If the teeth are still in good condition, the doctor may recommend filling, of course, after the damaged part of the tooth is removed and cleaned. If necessary, a root treatment procedure can be recommended. However, if the tooth decay is severe and can no longer be maintained, the last action the doctor will recommend is tooth extraction.

In the meantime, to reduce complaints that arise and prevent further tooth decay, the following are suggestions that you can do:

If the pain is bothersome, you can take pain relievers such as paracetamol
An ice pack wrapped in a towel on the cheek in the area of ​​the sore tooth can help relieve the pain that arises
Brush your teeth regularly, especially after eating and before bed
Gargle with antibacterial mouthwash
Use dental floss to clean between teeth
Reduce consumption of foods and drinks that contain high sugar levels
Control dental health to the dentist at least every 6 months

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Hopefully this is useful,

dr. Muliani Sukiman

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