Toothache Until The Lips Become Swollen?

Illustration of Toothache Until The Lips Become Swollen?
Illustration: Toothache Until The Lips Become Swollen?

Hello, I have patched my front teeth but they don’t seem to be patched up. I think there are still gaps that are not patched. So I still feel a toothache and even sick for 4 days. My teeth were patched in January. I take ibuprofen to relieve the pain and the rules of drinking 5 ml 3-4 times a day. But I take it 4 times a day because it feels like after 6 hours of taking medicine, it seems to recur again. So every time I relapse, I take the medicine but it does not exceed the dose. Ibuprofen runs out of a bottle in 3 days. After the medicine ran out, I didn’t have a toothache anymore but instead when I woke up, my lips were swollen / jontor in the affected tooth first. I compress it using water so it’s not so swollen so it’s a little flat. But when I got up the next day, my lips became swollen again, compressed again, flat again. Now the swelling spreads near the nostrils. If squeezed it hurts and instead makes the gums beat but it doesn’t hurt the teeth and it becomes hard and stiff skin near the nostrils. Why exactly is that? My toothache marks spread to the swollen and swollen lips near the nostrils? Previously thanks for the answer 🙏

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Swelling that you experience can be related to previous dental disease and may or may not. If related, some diseases that might be happening to you, namely:
1. Dental abscess
2. Gingivitis
3. Drug allergic reaction
If it is not related, some diseases that you might experience, namely:
1. Insect bite
2. Oral soft tissue tumors
It is recommended that you re-consult with the dentist in charge, so that direct examination can be done to evaluate the previous treatment and find out the cause of the current complaint. Later treatment will be based on the cause of your disease. Appropriate treatment is treatment that is appropriate to the cause. The faster the treatment is carried out, the higher the cure rate that can occur.
Meanwhile, continue to do warm compresses. If it hurts, apply an ice pack to relieve it, then continue warm compresses again. Don't brush your teeth too hard. Maintain oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day (ie after breakfast and before going to bed). Brush your teeth using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride.
Thus hopefully useful.

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