Toothache When Anesthetized For Tooth Extraction?

Illustration of Toothache When Anesthetized For Tooth Extraction?
Illustration: Toothache When Anesthetized For Tooth Extraction?

Hello, I was going to pull my teeth … But after being injected with the gum and the tooth would be pulled out. It hurts so much like a toothache as well as the ear, so I cancel the tooth extraction … Please give me the medicine again. That’s why I was already injected with anesthesia but it still hurts so much … even the doctor from the clinic is still very sick …

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Hello YaNti,

Thank you for the question.

Pain that is very severe in the teeth, which does not subside even after being given anesthesia, usually indicates damage to the root of the tooth. As is known, at the root of the tooth there are many nerve fibers that are sensitive to pain. Tooth root damage can be caused by many factors, such as very deep cavities, tooth abscesses, broken teeth, pulpitis, and so on. Often, in addition to pain, these conditions will also cause your gums to swell, sometimes even appearing fever, chills, and stiff jaw.

In addition to disorders of the tooth root, severe pain in your teeth may also be triggered by other factors, such as tooth impaction, sinusitis, jaw joint disorders, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, and so on.

The good, this condition is treated first in accordance with the recommended treatment from the dentist who examined you. Usually, in order to deal with tooth pain like this, doctors will not only give you anti-pain medication, but also anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics if needed. Also consider the treatment by diligently brushing your teeth after every meal and before going to bed, gargling with salt solution more often, also not eating foods and drinks that are too cold, too hard, too sweet, too full. After the pain subsides later, depending on the cause of the pain, then you can determine the definitive treatment of your condition, whether it really needs to be revoked, or maybe another therapeutic modality is done.

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