Toothache When Sleeping At Night Accompanied By Dizziness?

Illustration of Toothache When Sleeping At Night Accompanied By Dizziness?
Illustration: Toothache When Sleeping At Night Accompanied By Dizziness? Bing

It’s been the past few nights, when I sleep at night, my upper right tooth hurts. Usually accompanied by dizziness, what do you think is the cause? And, what should I do? Thank you

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Complaints of toothache is a problem for many people. Before explaining about toothache, it helps you understand the structure of the teeth first, namely:

1. Enamel, which is the outermost layer of the tooth. This layer is the toughest and strongest.

2. Dentin, which is the layer of the tooth on the inside of the enamel, this layer is also hard and strong but not as strong as enamel.

3. Pulp, the cavity inside the enamel, this cavity contains nerves and blood vessels.

4. Root canal, which is a continuation of the pulp downwards, where nerves and blood vessels continue.

Toothache can be caused by several disorders, namely:

1. Caries, namely damage to the enamel and or dentin of the teeth. This damage is initiated by plaque (a mixture of germs, food scraps, mouth cells) that sticks to the enamel, then grows by bacteria that damage the enamel and dentin. If the damage reaches the pulp, there will be pain.

2. Pulpitis, namely infection of the pulp. Pulpitis is a continuation of caries. Bacteria that have damaged the enamel and dentin will infect the pulp. If the pulp tissue dies from infection, the infection can get worse.

3. Pulp polyps, namely the formation of reddish lumps in the pulp as a continuation of pulpitis. These polyps can cause swelling of the gums.

4. Abscess, which is the formation of a pocket filled with pus due to infection of the pulp that is widespread. This is characterized by swollen gums accompanied by pain.

5. Periodontitis, which is the extension of pulpitis to the tissues around the teeth, including the connective tissue and jaw bone where the teeth are embedded.

6. Impaction, which is a tooth that grows incompletely or does not even grow and remains embedded in the gums, causing pain. Impaction is more prone to caries and infection.

You should immediately consult the nearest dentist practice. Dentists need to directly examine the condition of your teeth. Each possibility that has been described is a different treatment.

Things you can do at home include:

1. Gargle using an over-the-counter antiseptic mouthwash.

2. Take over-the-counter pain relievers.

3. Routinely brushing teeth, especially at night before bed and afternoon / evening after eating.

4. Do not be too hard when brushing your teeth.

5. Reduce eating sweets.

You can read the following article to add your insight.

That's our explanation, hope it helps you, thank you.

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