Topical Medication To Treat Acne?

Illustration of Topical Medication To Treat Acne?
Illustration: Topical Medication To Treat Acne?

hello, i want to ask. I have an oily and blotchy face. Right now I have big pimple on my nose, it’s been less than 2 days, so I plan to use topical benzolac. But on my cheek side there are also red acne scars like that, I also want to use acne spot on the cheek care to relieve acne scars. So can I use 2 products directly at the same time even though there are different spots on the face?

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Acne can also be referred to as Acne Vulgaris. Acne arises due to blockage of hair follicles due to oil or dead skin cells. Acne can cause red spots on the face, back or chest area. Acne is a common condition at the age of puberty in adolescents, can occur disappear-arise every month in women who are still experiencing menstruation.

Acne can be caused by excess oil / sebum production, blockages in hair follicles, bacterial colonization of Propionibacterium acnes, or disruption of hormone regulation. These things can cause inflammation in the area of ​​hair follicles, causing small reddish spots, until the bag is filled with fluid or pus.

It is advisable to consult a doctor or dermatologist regarding further examination and management. Inspections of facial conditions and pimples are necessary to be carried out so that optimal treatment modalities for your condition can be determined. In small acne conditions, topical medication can be used, while in large acne conditions liquid / pus may require the use of antibiotic medication.

It is not recommended to take self-medication without doctor's instructions, maintain facial hygiene adjusted to your face type and activity, ensure adequate rest, exercise, avoid stress or psychological stress.

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