TORCH Test Results After 3 Months Pregnancy?

Illustration of TORCH Test Results After 3 Months Pregnancy?
Illustration: TORCH Test Results After 3 Months Pregnancy?

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Ideally, examination of TORCH (Toxoplasmosis, Other infections, Rubella, Cytomegallovirus, and Herpes simplex virus) is done early, that is, when women are just planning for pregnancy. This check is important to detect the possibility of infection by microorganisms that can adversely affect the development of your fetus later. In this examination, serological tests will be conducted to assess the antibodies produced by the body against several microorganisms. Positive IgM indicates an ongoing infection (acute infection) and needs treatment. Meanwhile, if only IgG is positive, then that means you have had an infection in the past and already have sufficient immunity against these microorganisms at this time.

If you view the results of your examination, chances are you have been infected with Rubella (German measles), only now it has healed and your body has immunity against the virus that causes it. In people with good endurance, Rubella infection does not often show severe symptoms so that patients often do not realize that they are infected.

In addition, it can also be seen from the results of your examination that you are currently experiencing a Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. This condition needs special attention. Because, the CMV virus from the mother can spread to the fetus to cause a higher risk fetus born prematurely, born with LBW (low birth weight baby), experiencing jaundice (jaundice), impaired liver function, microcephalus, enlarged spleen, pneumonia, seizures, hearing loss, vision loss, cognitive impairment, and developmental disorders.

Overcoming CMV infection during pregnancy can be done with a variety of approaches. To detect whether your fetus has an infection, your doctor may also recommend that you undergo amniocentesis and ultrasound. In this way, if your baby is infected with the infection, then the possibility of abnormalities that occur can be detected earlier. In addition, in order to reduce the development of viruses in the body, doctors can also give you several types of antiviral drugs. Furthermore, the development of your fetus as well as your immune status against the CMV virus can be monitored regularly while your doctor determines the right treatment to do. Therefore, in order to get the best treatment for your condition and the fetus in your womb, you should consult directly with a gynecologist.

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