Toxo And Rubella Test Results?

Illustration of Toxo And Rubella Test Results?
Illustration: Toxo And Rubella Test Results?

Hello, I plan to get married in the next 3 months, and I decided to check toxo u0026amp; rubella. I decided on the toxo test because my hobbies are eating high-risk foods (I’ve reduced them) and raising cats, but my cat is a house cat who has never set foot on the ground outside the house. Opt for the Rubella test because I often read about the effects on the fetus quite seriously, and I have never had chickenpox or any type of measles. The results are as follows: Anti-Toxoplasma IgG: Positive Cons: 44.8 Anti-Toxoplasma IgM: Negative Anti-Rubella IgG: Positive Cons : 39.8 What do you mean by these values? With such results, should I be treated? Do I need another rubella vaccine even though I already have immunity? Do I need to have an Anti-Toxo IgG Avidity test, or should I later if I am pregnant considering the cost of this kind of test is not cheap. Thank you.

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Hello Kanaya, thank you for asking at

Examination to diagnose the disease Toxoplasmosis and Rubella are generally recommended by using an examination to assess the antibodies (immune system) against the parasitic toxoplasma and also Rubella virus that causes the disease. There are 2 types of antibodies that can be examined, namely the IgM antibody examination to find out whether the disease or infection is ongoing at this time, and also the IgG antibody to find out if the disease or infection was suffered some time before you did the examination.

If it is only based on the results of the laboratory examination you mentioned above, the results can indicate that:

You have experienced toxoplasmosis infection before you do the test because the IgG results showed positive results
You have experienced Rubella infection before, because the results of IgG examination on Rubella showed positive results

Because these results indicate that you have experienced Toxoplasma and Rubella infections in the past, then based on the recommendations that apply until now, you do not need any therapy and if these results continue until you become pregnant, your fetus may have a congenital defect caused by both of these diseases are also very small or even close to 0%.

Regarding your question whether you need the Rubella vaccine back or not, you should discuss it first with your obstetrician and maybe you will be asked to do Rubella IgG avidity tests to ascertain how your immune system is standing against the disease, so it can only be decided whether you really need the vaccine or not.

Furthermore, regarding the examination of toxoplasma IgG avidity, for now you do not need the examination. You may be asked to do an IgM and IgG examination of Toxoplasma and also Rubella tests, but these tests will generally only be done when you are pregnant to determine whether when you are pregnant the infection is active or not, if it is active then you will need further treatment.

For now, continue your lifestyle in preventing both Toxoplasma and Rubella infections. You can read more about how to prevent these two diseases in the following article: prevention of toxoplasmosis & rubella.

I hope this helps.

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