Toxoplasma Examination Laboratory Results?

Illustration of Toxoplasma Examination Laboratory Results?
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I want to ask.. about a year ago I had an operation on the lymph glands in the right neck and after analyzing the results were toxoplasma. What I want to ask is that the gland is cut, right? can the gland break off and affect my immune system? The next question is about Toxoplasma. Can toxoplasma be cured? I have checked the lab regularly and the last results were igG (+) with 89 negative referrals, positive IgM negative referrals, borderline IgG avidity with index 0.239. What does yes mean? Can this toxo not be cured because I have been on therapy for about 11 months, how come the results are still positive, right? because I want the second promil.. thanks

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Hi Kadek, Thank you for your question on,

In reading your laboratory results, you should consult directly with the doctor who treats you, in order to get an explanation that is in accordance with your current physical condition,

However, from the results of this examination there is a statement that reads IgG and IgM, on the examination that reads:

Positive IgG means that infection with the virus or bacteria has been in the past, meaning that it has been infected. People who have been infected with toxoplasma infection generally have had immunity to toxoplasma infection for life but if a blood test is performed, the results of IgG (chronic markers) will remain positive . Positive IgM indicates an active infection, meaning that it is currently infected, And if it is in the borderline area, this can mean the results are doubtful and need to be repeated, perhaps because the antibodies have not yet formed completely, or the infection is recent, or is already on treatment.

The results of the toxoplasma examination showed borderline IgG results, usually at times like this it is advisable to get a re-examination, or means that you are on medication, you should consult again with the doctor who treats you directly so that it can be adjusted to your current condition.

Toxoplasma can be cured, if you routinely do treatment according to the doctor's instructions.

Thank you, I hope it's useful. Dr. Nurmarwiyah

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