Traditional Ingredients For Long Lasting Sex?

Illustration of Traditional Ingredients For Long Lasting Sex?
Illustration: Traditional Ingredients For Long Lasting Sex?

I am still in high school and I have a boyfriend, we love and often have sex, because I love him, I often drink traditional ingredients to keep the sex longer … I never drank chicken eggs half cooked, eaten and added with my honey Never had sex with him about 30 minutes that he was very happy, and I feel sorry for him because I quickly got out, I never drank honey but still quick out? So what’s the cure for long sex? Which is easy to get for me

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Hi Adityafirmansyah,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, how old are you now? Are you married?

At your very young age, which is still in high school, there are various types of productive activities that you can do as an effort to develop yourself, for example studying, organizing, helping parents, developing hobbies and talents, and many others. All of these activities are important for you to do in order to have a bright future. Of course, success will not be achieved without effort, right? If you want to be a successful person in the future, who can make your parents and the people around you proud, as well as be of benefit to many people, then you should work on it from now on. By keeping yourself busy in productive activities, your potential to fall into negative activities, including sexual relations outside of marriage can be minimized.

In our country, sexual relations outside the bonds of marriage, are still considered an act that violates norms, whether social norms, religious norms, and even legal norms that have strict sanctions. Not only that, for yourself, sexual relations outside the bond of marriage can have a variety of negative effects, including causing an unplanned pregnancy, causing the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV, gonorrhea, genital warts), shrinkage of the forebrain, etc. If this action is known by other people, including your parents, teachers, and other environment around you, of course you will be viewed with a negative stigma which of course will harm yourself.

In the medical realm, maintaining sexual stamina is possible in a variety of ways, from changing lifestyle, dietary regulation, certain types of regular exercise, to drug use. However, for ethical reasons, we are not authorized to explain this in detail to you, who are still underage.

We recommend that you stop having sexual relations outside the bond of marriage, whatever it is, for your own good. Relationships between partners are certainly not all about sex. There are many more things that can be explored, including knowing the characteristics and personality of each. Hold your sexual desires until the right time, when you and your partner are both adults, capable of being independent, and ready to marry and build an established family life. If this is very difficult for you to do, we recommend that you consult directly with a psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist) for assistance.

I hope this helps.

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