Illustration of Transgender?
Illustration: Transgender?

Hello, nI am Dianne. I have read a lot of articles about transgender and have seen some transgender figures, which has sparked my curiosity about their “artificial” genital function. nMy questions are: n1. If she is a trans woman then can she have an orgasm? And can the vagina produce natural lubrication? What are the limitations of an artificial vagina? N2. If he is a transgender man then can he have an orgasm? Because I know that a man can have an orgasm during ejaculation, while the information I receive is that the artificial penis is not capable of producing sperm. Then what is the description of an artificial penis? n nThank you

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Hi Diane,

We will answer your questions,

1. Orgasm, of course, will be more difficult for transgender women who have undergone surgery, but it is not impossible. Research even proves that sexual activity in this group is generally more increased and the level of sexual satisfaction also increases.

It should also be borne in mind that, even normal women still do not experience orgasm during sexual activity. This figure even reaches up to 75% in developed countries.

Vaginal surgery is quite complex, to include the nerve tissue that is expected to be the same as a normal vagina. Lubrication can still occur, because basically, the lubrication fluid found in non-transgender women appears from the same place in men. For example: In women, the scene and prostate glands have the same effect of releasing lubricating agents. Bulbourethral glands and Bartholin's glands also have the same effect.

2. Orgasm can still be experienced by transgender men who have or have not undergone surgery. The penis and clitoris are two things that develop differently. In transgender men, apart from penis-making surgery, other methods or operations can also be performed that make the clitoris grow into a penis.

Currently, there are many ways that are medically done to help people with transgender sexual activity as usual.

That's the explanation, hopefully it's useful.

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