Transmission Of Corona Virus To Fish

Illustration of Transmission Of Corona Virus To Fish
Illustration: Transmission Of Corona Virus To Fish

morning ‘want to ask if the corona virus is not possible transmission of the fish is alive or dead? wherever that is, thank you for your knowledge, permission to thank you?

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Hello Rizal, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Corona virus is currently rife and there are very many cases in several countries. The corona virus or 2019-nCoV transmission is still unclear, but animal to human transmission is suspected because this case appeared in Wuhan and all have a history of contact with the Huanan animal market.

This virus may be transmitted to other animals, but it is very difficult to ascertain whether the sick animal is infected with the corona virus or not. For transmission to fish, it seems the possibility is still very small because of the suspected transmission of this virus through air or airborne disease. Currently more aware of the corona virus transmission to humans. And so far the corona virus is not found in Indonesia. So that to contract the corona virus is still a small possibility.

So what you can do to prevent the transmission of the corona virus is:

 Keep applying a clean and healthy lifestyle by washing your hands before and after doing activities Avoid contact with animals / animal markets Avoid direct contact with sick people Use a mask and apply a cough ethic if you experience a cough.

Thank you :)

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