Transmission Of HIV Aids Through Sweat?

Illustration of Transmission Of HIV Aids Through Sweat?
Illustration: Transmission Of HIV Aids Through Sweat?

.. if a man is swallowed by the sweat of a woman who is infected with HIV, can he be infected?

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The HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus can be transmitted through body fluids, especially blood, anal fluids, vaginal fluids, penile fluids, or breast milk (breast milk). This viral infection can reduce the sufferer's immune system very drastically so that the sufferer becomes sick easily, it can even lead to multiorgan failure and death. Until now, the HIV virus has not been killed, but its replication can only be controlled. In this way, it is hoped that sufferers can slow down their deterioration and can return to their normal activities so that they have a better quality of life.

The HIV virus may be present in sweat. However, based on many studies, the amount of virus present in sweat is very small, so its potential to cause other people who ingest it or come into contact with it contracting HIV infection is almost impossible (negligible). Therefore, simply ingesting or coming into contact with the sweat of someone with HIV will not necessarily make you sick with HIV.

Some of the most common transmission routes for HIV are:

Blood transfusions with blood contaminated with the HIV virus Exchanging needles with HIV sufferers, for example, injecting drug users, people who use tattoos or body piercing Having sex with people with HIV, whether vaginal, anal or oral. Mothers with HIV who breastfeed their babies with breast milk explanation from us. You can consult further with a doctor or specialist in internal medicine related to HIV.

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