Transmission Of TB Disease?

Illustration of Transmission Of TB Disease?
Illustration: Transmission Of TB Disease?

According to some sources I read that TB disease is transmitted through coughing and sneezing. Can people with tuberculosis who do not wear masks when talking or chatting with others can transmit the disease?

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That's right, the microorganism that causes tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) can be transmitted through inhalation of mucus splashes from other TB sufferers. Mainly, this transmission occurs when sufferers cough, sneeze, or even spit carelessly. Close contact, for example when talking directly with TB sufferers without using a mask, can also put you at risk of TB infection.

However, please note, that not everyone who is infected with TB then becomes ill with TB. TB pain usually occurs if microorganisms enter in sufficient quantities, coupled with poor immune system.

Therefore, if you have a history of close contact with TB sufferers, for example living together, it is strongly recommended that you check your TB status with a doctor or specialist in internal medicine for further examination, including interviews, physical examination, sputum testing, x-rays , or other supporting tests. With early detection, treatment can be done early, so that the potential for dangerous complications can be minimized.

To minimize TB transmission:

Treat TB sufferers around you
Use a mask
Wash your hands diligently
Move the TB patient's bathroom with someone else
Live a healthy lifestyle
Make sure your stay is well ventilated and well-lit

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