Illustration of Trauma
Illustration: Trauma

doc how to reduce trauma from childhood? and how to manage emotions into positive things?

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Hello Lidya, thank you for asking

Past trauma or (PTSD - Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorders) can occur due to a history of violence, either physical or verbal abuse. The most trauma that leaves a mark is what happened in the family. Sometimes trauma that occurs in the family environment causes sufferers to have difficulty interacting because of excessive emotions. Easily anxious, easily panicked, easily offended, anxious, or afraid of excessive. In addition there is also the fear of being rejected, afraid of making disappointment, and so on.

This condition does not always refer to mental disorders, but if not handled properly, it can potentially affect your work productivity and achievements. Not infrequently eventually diseases associated with mental disorders can arise such as personality disorders, delusional disorders, and excessive anxiety disorders.

The first and most important thing to do is surrender to God. Always remember that God never gives trials beyond our ability. Precisely this is rather we can get closer to God. Also try to share stories with people you trust so you can free up little by little feelings that block you. In addition you can also do relaxation to manage stress.

To manage emotions into positive things can be done easily, namely change the words that are used every day. Less positive words can be changed to more positive words. Then working on a hobby that you like can help you to be more positive. Also find small things that you can be grateful for and share (alms). With gratitude and sharing with others, your mind can be calmer. Expand worship, dialogue with God, and rest assured that God will provide you convenience after difficulties. Don't hesitate to consult a psychologist if your feelings have not improved even to the point of wanting to die, then go to a psychiatrist for proper consultation and management.

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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