Travel Far When A 5-year-old Child Has Chickenpox?

Illustration of Travel Far When A 5-year-old Child Has Chickenpox?
Illustration: Travel Far When A 5-year-old Child Has Chickenpox?

Good morning Doctor, I want to ask. my 5-year-old child has chicken pox. While we want to go back and forth from Tegal to Solo the longest distance takes 3 hours by using a private car. Is it permissible and please advise

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Hello hardian,

Thank you for asking ...

Need to clarify, have you checked your child to the doctor and diagnosed with chickenpox? Are there certain medications that doctors give?

Chickenpox (varicella) is a disease caused by a viral infection characterized by watery reddish nodules and itching almost all over the body. The virus that causes chickenpox can enter the body through the airways when breathing in splashes of mucus from other sufferers' airways, or also through direct and indirect contact with other sufferers. In addition to complaints on the skin, people with chickenpox also often will feel bad body, reduced appetite, difficulty sleeping, easily tired, and more sensitive to light. Children are one of the groups at risk of having chickenpox due to their relatively weak immune system.

Because the cause is a virus, chickenpox treatment is focused on increasing endurance in order to fight the virus itself. Not only that, doctors will often give antiviral drugs and / or ointments to suppress the replication of the virus in the body. With proper management, chickenpox generally heals completely in 1-4 weeks.

There is no real special prohibition for children who suffer from chickenpox to travel far. However, you need to know, that fatigue when traveling far can make a child's immune system weakened, and finally the disease can heal longer. Not only that, the people around your child who go in a car are also at risk of getting infected, especially if they have never had chickenpox before or have never had chickenpox vaccination.

Therefore, if possible, you should postpone the time of your departure until your child is completely healed. Or, to be more certain, you can consult directly with a doctor or pediatrician who checks it. If the trip can no longer be postponed, aside from giving your child chickenpox medication according to the doctor's advice, you also need to:

Keep the child's body always clean, give him clean clothes, loose, made from soft, and absorbs sweat
Make sure the car is not in hot or humid conditions, so that the child does not experience itching that is very annoying
Give children more to drink
Also give him a variety of nutritious foods, rich in vitamin C
Encourage children not to scratch smallpox rash, let alone squeeze and slough off it by force
Let the child rest more
Isolate children so they do not have close contact with other children and pregnant women to prevent transmission

Hope this helps ...

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