Treadmill Results?

Illustration of Treadmill Results?
Illustration: Treadmill Results?

Evening..I want to ask for help what is the result of checking my husband’s heart..a 52 yrs old n-The bruce test ran for 05:31 mins peak METs was 7.0 n-95% of the 169 bpm max was reached n- the peak BP was 200/90 (during exercise) nBaseline was 140/80 n nLead V1 first exhibited ST depresion exceding 1mm at 05:14 of exercise n nST depresion exceed 1 mm for 1:20 mins n n1 .2 mm maximum depresion in V1 was exhibited at 01:02 mins of recovery n n # negative ischemic response at 95% of maximal heart rate n nFair fitness class 6.8 METS, Fc II n nThank you very much doctor n

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Hello Tenny,

Treadmill stress test is a supporting examination to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and also an EKG (heart record) when given a load or activity (in this case a treadmill or stationary bike is used).

A treadmill stress test can show that there is a disturbance in the heart blood vessels where an EKG is done while at rest, the results are normal. This is because when doing a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike, the heart works faster so that if there is a problem (for example, there is a blockage of the coronary arteries) abnormal results will be seen on the treadmill stress test.

Negative ischemic response generally means that there are no signs of ischemic heart disease or coronary heart disease. However, from the information given, there was an increase in blood pressure during activity reaching 200/90 mmHg and there was a ST depression wave (waves found on the ECG results). ST depression indicates cardiac ischemia, but can also be affected by severe hypertension, aortic stenosis, cardiomyopathy, hypoxia, anemia, hypokalemia, sudden strenuous exercise.

Please note that the results of supporting examinations cannot stand alone, including the results of the treadmill stress test that your husband conducted. The results of the investigations must be interpreted directly (especially the ECG image that looks like a "grass code" must be seen directly by the doctor so that the interpretation can be comprehensive) and then combined with the results of the physical examination and history of the patient so that the doctor can draw more accurate conclusions on the patient's condition. .

Therefore I suggest that you bring your husband's test results to the heart doctor directly so that further evaluation of the results can be carried out so that your husband's condition can be more certain. Furthermore, from the test results the doctor will provide further treatment in accordance with your husband's condition. In addition, if needed, the doctor can carry out further tests to be more sure, for example by heart angiography.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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