Treat Allergic Contact Dermatitis?

Illustration of Treat Allergic Contact Dermatitis?
Illustration: Treat Allergic Contact Dermatitis?

I am Rahma 23 years old. I have been suffering from allergic contact dermatitis (DKA) since 2014 and it has recurred frequently. I also had a consultation with a dermatologist and it turned out that I was suffering from DKA, and was given a concocted ointment and oral medicine (prescription medication). I consulted a dermatologist when I was still in college in Makassar City.

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Hello, thank you for your question.

Contact dermatitis is inflammation of the skin as a result of appearing with certain substances or substances. Contact dermatitis is divided into irritant contact dermatitis (DKI) and allergic contact dermatitis (DKA). DKA occurs because the skin comes into contact with substances that cause the immune system to react abnormally and attack healthy cells or tissues, causing an inflammatory reaction in the skin.

Treatment of DKA should not be done independently, so treatment is under the supervision of a doctor. Here are some suggestions to help manage DKA:

Avoiding exposure to substances that cause allergic reactions. Use a skin moisturizer. Wearing protective clothing. Do not scratch itchy skin. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with complete nutritious food and diligent exercise. The best effort to prevent DKA is to avoid exposure to allergens. Because it is very important to know the substance that causes the allergic reaction. To find out is to do an allergy test at a skin specialist. Allergies cannot be completely cured and can recur at any time. Treatment aims to reduce the severity of symptoms and the frequency of allergy recurrences.

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