Treat Chronic Hives?

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in the morning. I have hives but the disease hasn’t gone away, it’s been 7 months. What should I do?

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Hives or in medical language called "urticaria", is a skin disorder that is limited to the upper layer of the dermis in the form of a wheal that feels itchy, clearly demarcated, the surrounding is red, looks pale in the middle, is temporary. Symptoms peak for 3-6 hours and disappear within 24 hours, old lesions gradually disappear as new lesions appear, and can occur anywhere on the skin surface throughout the body, especially the extremities and face. Episodes of urticaria lasting less than 6 weeks are called acute urticaria, while those lasting more than 6 weeks are called chronic urticaria. One of the causes of hives is allergies. These allergies can be drug allergies (antibiotics), certain foods (sea fish), preservatives, chemical stimuli, pressure stimuli, physical stimuli (exposure to cold, dust, light). Most cases of hives are mild and can heal within 2 days. Drugs that can be used to treat this are antihistamines or corticosteroids. However, if this hives lasts for a long time, it is advisable to consult and further check with a general practitioner or a genital skin specialist so that the administration of drugs can be adjusted to the complaints and symptoms that arise in each patient. There are several ways to help relieve the symptoms experienced, namely:

Avoid scratching the area where the rash/bump appears

Avoid trigger factors such as hot or cold conditions, stress, dust, alcohol

However, if you find symptoms such as swelling of the eyelids, lips, hands and feet, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, vomiting, immediately take them to the nearest hospital.

To add insight into this disease, here I provide a link about hives

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