Treat Ear Pain And Hearing Loss?

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Ears hurt and hearing is not clear because there is fluidrnWhat medicine should my doctor take?

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at Symptoms of pain in the ear and decreased hearing, can occur due to various abnormalities or disturbances along the auditory pathway. Behind the eardrum are the bones of hearing, and then there are also hearing nerve endings that transmit sound waves to the brain. So that any abnormality to the nerves can also cause hearing loss.

Among the possibilities are:

Bacterial infection. This infection can cause pain in the ear canal, and discharge in the form of pus in some cases. If the infection is severe enough, hearing loss can also occur. This condition is also triggered by a moist ear canal, usually in swimmers or skaters, or anyone whose ears are often filled with water Fungal infections. This condition causes symptoms of smelly discharge, itching, pain, and decreased hearing. The entry of foreign objects and blockage of earwax. Foreign objects such as insects, small objects or blockages can cause symptoms of pain and hearing loss

In your case, we highly recommend having your ear checked by an ENT specialist. Because the ENT doctor has a special tool that can check where the problem is that you are experiencing or feeling. This is important because each of these disorders has a different treatment. If a bacterial infection is assessed, you will be given antibiotics and if there is a foreign object, it will be removed.

Meanwhile, avoid picking at your ears with anything, avoid taking or inserting any medication without a doctor's advice, avoid getting water into your ears while bathing, but for the time being you can take over-the-counter painkillers for pain, by reading the instructions listed. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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