Treat Fever In 1 Month Old Baby?

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Good afternoon, I want to ask my son who is only 1 month old, at this time his body is a little feverish due to transmission from his mother due to a cold cough, what are the right and safe steps for this kind of treatment before going to the doctor.rnThank you.

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Hi Didi,

Thanks for the question. Children are very susceptible to infection because the immune system is not working optimally. Fever is one of the symptoms that are generally associated with infection in the body. Fever is defined as a body temperature that reaches more than 37.5 degrees Celsius. Fever in children can be caused by the following health conditions: respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, ear infections, gastroenteritis, measles, chicken pox, dengue fever, and others.

Some of the following things you can do to treat a child with a fever:

do a regular water compress on your child's body to relieve body temperature
wear light and loose clothing on your child so that body heat evaporates easily
use blankets as needed, keep your child from getting too hot and not too cold
monitor your child's body temperature using a thermometer regularly; don't rely on your touch
make sure the body's fluid needs are maintained (by giving breast milk)
give paracetamol in accordance with the dosage and instructions for use; if you are in doubt consult a doctor

If these symptoms do not improve and persist for several days, please consult your doctor. The doctor needs to know the other symptoms your child is experiencing and examine your child and then determine the next treatment.

Hope this information helps.

Dr. Aloisia

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