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amualaikum,rndok I want to ask a question?rnI’m experiencing itching until it’s unbearable, itching all over the body especially in the area of ​​the hands, feet and around the miss V area. I scratched it until it hurt, if it didn’t hurt it felt like not satisfied with the itching. a few months ago I had chickenpox, after recovering from smallpox, hives appeared. I had 2 injections of dexamethasone, 2 boxes of cetirizine were used, I took 2 pieces of ciprofloxacin, ketoconazole ointment and bevalex ointment. rnBut the itching still hasn’t healed. how to cure? how to treat? I’m frustrated with this itchy itching disease

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Hello Desi

The complaints you experience may be related to the chickenpox you experience or not. Some possibilities such as:

Fungal infection
Autoimmune disease
Kidney disorders, and others

Hives are itchy skin conditions that are usually associated with allergies, hot or cold temperatures, infections and drug side effects. Fungal infections can also occur itching where this infection can occur in various places and various types of fungi. Autoimmune diseases can cause itching on the skin and can also be triggered by certain infections or drugs, not all of which have the same effect on everyone who has an infection or takes these drugs. Kidneys are one of the organs used to get rid of toxins. If there is interference with the kidneys, it can result in toxins such as urea not being wasted and cause itching.

With what you are experiencing, it's a good idea to keep regular checks and can consult with your doctor. If it is necessary, you can consult a dermatologist. The doctor will dig up your history in more detail and also perform an in-person examination. It could be that the doctor will suggest additional tests such as blood for example. Without it, the condition you are experiencing cannot be identified and treated. It could be that the therapy that is done to what you are experiencing will take time and patience. You can discuss it with your doctor in more detail.

What you can do in the meantime:

Do what the doctor recommends

Avoid scratching the wound because it can cause secondary infection
Drink enough water at least 2L/day
Cold compress on the itchy area
Change clothes regularly

I hope this helps.

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