Treat Itching And Ulcers In Diabetics?

Illustration of Treat Itching And Ulcers In Diabetics?
Illustration: Treat Itching And Ulcers In Diabetics?

Good afternoon, my mother is diabetic and has been caught for 7 years. So far, taking medication and checking sugar regularly has no problem, I check the sugar every morning and evening on average between 110-140, but this month my mother feels red itching like an allergic inflammation and boils grew in several parts of his body, we’ve checked with a general practitioner u0026amp; an internal medicine doctor near the house, only given antihistamine drugs u0026amp; Betason N ointment and herocin powder as well as bathing using dettol, the doctor said that diabetes people are prone to boils and itching, but it’s been a month since the itching and boils don’t heal, huh, instead boils in other places used to be in the armpits, so they add to the buttocks, the itching was in the hand it has subsided now it has changed on the back, what do you do? do you have to see a skin specialist doctor?

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Hello Ferdidadidadu,

Diabetes Militus sufferers do need regular control of blood sugar and regular consumption of drugs as recommended by the treating doctor. The effects of diabetes include: tingling of the fingertips, numbness of the fingertips, susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections, and dry skin. Therefore it is important for diabetics to wear footwear and treat skin with moisturizing lotions and regularly check the condition of the feet and body from redness rashes, inflamed bumps to wounds, because they need to be treated immediately.

Skin disorders such as redness, itching, inflamed bumps and ulcers on the armpits, buttocks, hands, and back in people with diabetes may include: Yeast infection that develops with a bacterial infection. Scabies tick infection with bacterial infection. Impetigo or inflammation of the skin by bacteria and furuncles, namely boils.

Skin disorders of diabetics are difficult to heal, consult this condition with a dermatologist for direct examination, the doctor needs hematology and blood sugar examination data, treatment is given according to causes such as antifungals, antibiotics, which may be combined, or also accompany the consumption of antibiotic tablets or anthistamines to relieve itching, can also be considered administration of anti-inflammatory corticosteroids.

It is advisable to use a special soap that is gentle, such as baby soap or a lot of moisturizing soap or soap for sensitive skin, avoiding warm baths that are too hot because they have the potential to dry out the skin and increase itching, avoid scratching the skin. Maintain clean skin by regularly showering and changing clothes regularly. When the clothes are damp, sweat, change immediately. may be useful.

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