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, these past few days my vagina feels itchy on the front, is it good or not if I want to shave her vaginal hair?

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Itching in the female genitals / vagina can be caused by several things, namely:

1. Fungal infection. The main risk factor is high humidity, for example rarely changing underwear, wearing clothes that are too tight, underwear material that does not absorb sweat, high air temperature. In addition, excessive use of antibiotics can also disrupt the balance of bacteria and fungi where fungal growth becomes excessive. People with diabetes, obesity are also at risk. Fungal infections can even cause milky white vaginal discharge with lumps.

2. Bacterial infection, namely the growth of bacteria exceeds the fungus. The risk factors are wearing clothes that are too tight, rarely changing underwear, not keeping intimate organs clean. This infection can also cause cloudy white vaginal discharge that sometimes smells fishy.

3. Trichomoniasis, namely infection by the parasite Trichomonas sp. This disease includes sexually transmitted diseases, transmitted through sexual intercourse. Complaints in the form of greenish-yellow vaginal discharge, foamy, hot and itchy to the outer skin of the vagina.

4. Intertrigo, namely blisters on the skin in the folds due to friction and high humidity. Often occurs in obese people.

Hair around the genitals serves to keep the temperature warm, maintain humidity, and prevent infection. However, there are times when the hair adds to the moisture and infection that has already occurred. Therefore we recommend that you reduce the hair around the vagina, you do not need to trim it completely. In addition, you also need to change underwear more often, wear underwear that absorbs sweat, and keep your intimate area clean.

If your complaint does not improve or even worsens, you should go to the nearest health service center. Most likely the doctor will need to examine directly.

The following article may be able to help you, please read.

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