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I’m Rafa Andika, 17 years old, it’s been over a week that my gums have been hurting and the pain hasn’t subsided. This pain in my gums started when I rinsed my mouth, when I rinsed my mouth I immediately felt pain in my lower gums (4 front teeth) and It’s been a week since I took the recommended medicine when my gums hurt/toothache, namely mefenamic acid, and amoxicillin, but I think the two drugs can only hold the pain temporarily, and now around 4 of my lower front teeth are all loose, even though I You could say I brush my teeth diligently, I feel very burdened with this sore gums plus the many high school tests that I will face, what is the doctor’s advice so that my current gum pain can be overcome, thank you in advance

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From the information you convey, the presence of loose teeth in all 4 of your teeth, may be causing the pain you feel. In addition to loose teeth, it can also be caused by inflammation of the gums, small holes in your teeth, food residue between the gums, inflammation or infection of the roots of the teeth.

The presence of loose teeth will be at risk of causing the accumulation of food debris in the area of ​​loose teeth and your gums. Trapped food residue can cause the growth of germs and trigger an inflammatory process around your teeth and gums.

Thus, to determine the cause, you should consult directly with your dentist to evaluate the area of ​​​​the aching tooth and provide the right treatment for you.

What you need to do is to use as little loose teeth as possible, so as to avoid putting too much pressure on these teeth. Avoid biting into hard foods and cutting out high-fiber foods for a while. Clean immediately after you eat and rinse your mouth after you eat.

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