Treat Toothache And Swollen Gums?

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Hello doctor..rnMy doctor is Ayu, 15 years old. I had my teeth filled about 4 months ago, initially after the fillings my teeth hurt, for 2 days after that the pain went away. About a month later, my teeth hurt again, even though I took medicine the pain didn’t go away. Finally I survived with my teeth that hurt every time I eat, and my teeth have been permanently filled.rnAbout 2 months my teeth hurt again but this time accompanied by sideways swollen gums.rnHow do I fix it?r nPlease solve..rnrnThank you

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Hello wrwb ayu, thank you for your question

Toothache that you feel accompanied by swollen gums can occur even though you have done fillings for permanent cavities. this can be caused by a lack of maintaining the cleanliness of the oral area so that germs nest around the area of ​​your fillings and cause new holes or cause inflammation of the gums so that the gums become swollen.

You should brush your teeth with toothpaste at least 2 times a day, especially after eating and before going to bed to prevent the accumulation of germs in the oral cavity. Gargle using mouthwash or salt water solution is also highly recommended to help maintain your oral hygiene. Taking painkillers will only temporarily relieve your complaints, but your main dental problem has not yet been resolved.

so it is highly recommended to do an examination directly to the dentist so that the doctor can see firsthand the current condition of your teeth and suggest the best management.

Here's an article about relieving toothache that you can see:

hope it's useful

dr. Barrel

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