Treating Anal Itching?

Illustration of Treating Anal Itching?
Illustration: Treating Anal Itching?

Hello, I have followed the method so that my anal itching disappears with treatment at home, because my itching anal factor is cleanliness so I use a cloth with warm water to clean my anal area, but in the morning I wake up and see the skin around the anus thickening it becomes easily pulled out and sticks to my underpants because when I wake up I am in a sleeping position with straight legs, because the thickened skin around my anal area is easily dislodged what should I do?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at An itching anal, a symptom that can arise from various diseases, including:


Fungal infections
Insect bite
Pinworm infection

Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoid
Allergic reaction

Regarding your statement about your anal itching factor caused by cleanliness, what needs to be straightened out is where you got that conclusion. If you conclude yourself, either by equating from information you get on the internet or from what people say, you should immediately check your condition to the doctor, especially a dermatologist. This is because if it is purely due to cleanliness, for example there is a lot of sweat that is not absorbed by the pants, or a lot of friction, clogging, or less clean when cleansing the genitals after defecating, the skin won't thicken and easily come off.

When there are easily dislodged skin, the symptoms are more heard like psoriasis, or other medical conditions that are not only less clean. By checking yourself to the doctor, this can be ascertained, misunderstandings can be avoided, and the handling can be more precise. Then if you actually get that conclusion from the doctor, then go back to the doctor to do an evaluation, why after the advice given, you still experience the same complaint. This time maybe your doctor will give you medicine, or refer you to a more competent specialist.

Meanwhile, avoid pulling and scratching despite itching, wear pants that are not tight, maintain ideal body weight, and consult a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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