Treating Fever But Cold Feet In A 2 Year Old Child?

Illustration of Treating Fever But Cold Feet In A 2 Year Old Child?
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I want to ask my son, 1 year and 11 months, it’s been hot for a week and last Friday I checked the blood and the results are low Hb 92 but leukocytes are 2x above the reference value which is 24320 and platelets are also high 520. I have been to DSA and given antibiotics but tonight the fever is higher again until 39.3 and the soles of the feet and hands are cold too. My question is, what action should I take because my body is hot but my palms are cold, do I have to go to the ER and check again or wait for the reaction to the drug that is given? And when under what circumstances should I take my child to the doctor again?? thank you

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Fever in children can be caused by many things, the most common being viral or bacterial infections. Temperatures that reach these numbers are quite high numbers, especially in children. From the results of the blood test, there is a tendency for your child to have an infection, therefore the doctor gives antibiotics. However, of course, everything cannot depend on the lab results alone, but must also be matched with the symptoms and examinations carried out.

In such circumstances, in addition to antibiotics, doctors usually will also give fever-reducing drugs. But if you don't have a fever before, your doctor may not give you the drug. If the doctor gives fever-reducing medicine, it's a good idea to give the medicine too. Usually within 30-60 minutes the fever will gradually go down. If it goes down but still has a fever, it could be influenced by a child who is dehydrated. Because with an increase in temperature, the body also needs energy and increased fluids too, so it often causes a lack of fluids and energy. You can also help lower the fever by applying compresses and avoiding blankets or clothes that are too thick, as they will increase the temperature. Fever conditions can indeed cause cold hands and feet because there is an attempt by the body to maintain temperature by constricting peripheral blood vessels.

However, if the fever doesn't go down significantly with the medication and effort, or it still doesn't go down, it's a good idea to take your child back to the doctor or to the nearest emergency room. Because it could be that the condition of the infection cannot be overcome by the drugs taken, and requires more intensive treatment such as hospitalization. Because fever conditions that are not immediately resolved can cause various problems such as dehydration, to febrile seizures that can be dangerous.

I hope this helps.

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