Treating Hyperthyroidism With Only Partial Surgery?

Illustration of Treating Hyperthyroidism With Only Partial Surgery?
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doctor, I want to ask, so in my lower right neck there is a lump which after my brother said and I have also read the article here it turns out that maybe I have a thyroid, especially hyperthyroidism. Almost all the characteristics that I really have, such as palpitations, late menstruation, etc.rnrnWhat I want to ask, actually this is to anticipate if I do have an operation. Can I only have partial surgery? So that I don’t have a total operation on the thyroid gland.rnrnI’m also always scared because I’ve never had surgery before.rnHe said if I was always afraid it could cause muscle tension during surgeryrnrnWhat would I do? we feel after the operation?rnrnCan we get pregnant after the operation?rnrnThank you very much

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Hello earlyoun,

First of all, although the article you read can indeed provide a lot of information about the complaint you have, it's a good idea to consult with your doctor first by providing detailed information about your complaint so that the doctor can carry out a thorough examination to confirm the diagnosis. Lump on one side of the neck is true, one of which can be caused by an enlarged thyroid gland, but without a doctor's examination, other possibilities cannot be ruled out such as enlarged lymph nodes, lipoma (a localized growth of fatty tissue under the skin), ulcers/abscesses, cyst, etc.

In addition, enlargement of the thyroid gland (goiter) can be accompanied by conditions of hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormone production), hypothyroidism (underproduction of thyroid hormone), or even euthyroid (normal thyroid hormone levels). That's why in addition to conducting a clinical examination, supporting examinations are also needed such as blood tests to determine thyroid hormone levels and other related hormones, ultrasound lumps, CT scans, to biopsies.

If it is proven that the thyroid gland is enlarged, not all enlargements need surgery. First of all, of course, it will be treated with drugs, then progress will be monitored if there are indications such as the thyroid begins to suppress/disrupt the surrounding structures or there is a possibility that it leads to malignancy (thyroid cancer), then the doctor may consider performing partial thyroid removal surgery (only one side of the thyroid gland) or total (both sides of the thyroid).

Tension during surgery should be overcome, but you don't need to worry as long as you have the intention and determination to have surgery, the doctor can help deal with your tension with general anesthesia (unconscious). Prior to surgery, the doctor will also ensure that your thyroid hormone levels and other related systems are under control. After surgery, there are several possibilities that can happen. The healing process can take a matter of weeks (depending on the level of difficulty) and you may be asked to return to the doctor to evaluate the wound and a series of other tests. In the long run, it all comes back to the initial diagnosis. If you have had total thyroid surgery, you will need long-term medication to stabilize thyroid hormones.

Regarding the pregnancy program after thyroidectomy surgery, it is not only seen from thyroid hormone activity, but also needs to be evaluated on female fertility factors and not behind the husband's fertility. There are many cases where women can get pregnant after thyroid surgery, although the process is different and they must have regular check-ups with an internal medicine specialist (if necessary, you should consult a sub-specialist endocrinologist) and an obstetrician.

Discuss again with the treating doctor about the possibilities that exist to get a better picture of your current condition.

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I hope this information is helpful.

Regards, dr. Delvira

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