Treating Toothache Due To Cavities?

Illustration of Treating Toothache Due To Cavities?
Illustration: Treating Toothache Due To Cavities?

How to treat toothache whose teeth have holes?

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Cavities where the layers of teeth become eroded, the outer layers of teeth called e-enamel and deep teeth are called dentine. The cause of cavities is due to the accumulation of food that is not cleaned, or oral hygiene that is not maintained, the consumption of sweet foods. In cavities, if left untreated, it can become a place for food scraps to accumulate, and the leftover food becomes rotten making it susceptible to infection, besides that the infection that occurs can spread to the neck jaw and so on.

If you have cavities you should consult a dentist. Some steps can be taken to handle cavities. Handling of cavities per dish can differ depending on the severity of the hole, and whether or not nerve involvement of the tooth.

The following explanation is about the handling of doctors that can be done on cavities, namely:

In cavities which are still in the initial stages, the holes are still very small, using fluoride in the form of liquid, gel or foam to be rubbed into cavities.
Patching teeth, if cavities have experienced deep decay. Usually the teeth are drilled first to remove the dead or decayed parts next.

Crowns are performed in cases of more severe tooth decay or brittle teeth.
Root canal treatment, if the decay has reached the inside of the tooth (pulp) or nerves that have died
Pull a tooth. This procedure is done if decay in the tooth is so severe that it cannot be recovered and must be removed. Next it will be recommended to use an implant or bridge to fill the tooth that has been removed.

But if the cavities are undergoing severe inflammation due to infection, the doctor will usually handle infections and inflammation, for example with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory. Then, the handling is done as above.

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To prevent cavities:

Avoid sugary foods too often
Brush your teeth twice a day after breakfast and before going to bed
Clean between your teeth with dental floss
Routinely check teeth twice a year for example.

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