Treating Worms In Adults?

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doctor. I’d like to ask. Since childhood until now I have been affected by worms, namely pinworms, the worms are small, about 5 millimeters, and are white. Every night my anus feels itchy and tingly. I usually take the drug combantrin to deal with my ringing. But not quite a month after I took combantrin, my worms were back again. So what is the right medicine to get rid of worms like this. And how not to get infected again??rnrnButasomali..

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Pinworms or Enterobius vermicularis are small parasitic worms that infect the large intestine of humans. This parasite has a body with a length of 5 to 13 millimeters which looks white and at first glance looks like a white thread, which is usually seen around the anus or in the patient's stool. Indeed, this worm infection can cause itching around the anal area. This worm infection is transmitted from food that has been contaminated with worms or contact with other worm sufferers, where you need to know that these pinworm eggs can stick to hands and other objects for some time. To overcome this helminthic condition and prevent its transmission if there are family members in the household who experience infection, there are several things that must be done, namely:

Wash bed linen, towels, and underwear (each separately for the whole family) with warm water, making sure not to stir because it can spread worm eggs into the air.

Make sure the room gets enough sunlight (worm eggs can be damaged by sunlight).

Make sure you and other family members suspected of being infected with worms take a morning shower, clean the area around the anus when bathing and it is better if the family member does not bathe in the shower.

bath tub


Clean the toilet seat with disinfectant during the treatment period.

Clean with a vacuum cleaner (

vacuum cleaner

) or mop with water (don't use a broom) the area around the bed and throughout the bedroom.

Clean your nails by brushing and trimming your nails regularly. Always remember to wash your hands especially before eating and after going to the bathroom.
Besides that, you can indeed take drugs to treat this worm, for example with mebendazole, pyrantel pamoate, or piperazine, where each of these drugs is used with a different dose and method of administration. My advice is that you check with your doctor to get the right treatment and explanation about worm infections.

Hope this answer helps you.

dr. Aldy Valentino

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