Treatment And Causes Of Adnexitis?

Illustration of Treatment And Causes Of Adnexitis?
Illustration: Treatment And Causes Of Adnexitis?

Good afternoon, I am 18 years old r n2 days ago I had abdominal pain in the navel area like a pin prick until the night I could not sleep. In the morning I went to the midwife for a temporary diagnosis of appendicitis because the lower right side of the stomach was pressed with pain, I was told to go to the puskesmas to ask for a referral to the hospital and this morning I was on ultrasound the result was not appendicitis but it was written bilateral adnexitis. Because the doctor will have my surgery scheduled for control next week. Because I was curious I read the article how shocked I was that it turned out that a disease that could cause my infertility to cry, I read the cause because of sex, childbirth, etc. Whereas I have never had sex, so what is the cause? I don’t know whether it’s certain or not but I’m really down. How is it treated? Can you just use drugs? I don’t want to be barren, my future is still long

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Adnexitis is a form of inflammation of the adnexa of the female organs, namely the ovaries and fallopian tubes. This inflammation can be caused by an infection, either a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. Triggers of infection can occur due to several things, such as sexually transmitted infections, primary vaginal infections that cause inflammation of the female organs, or the spread of infection from organs around the female organs (appendicitis), the spread of hematogenous infections or through blood, and abortion.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a direct examination by your obstetrician to determine the cause of the spread of infection in the adnexa of the vaginal organs. With direct examination by your obstetrician, treatment can also be done as early as possible to prevent complications from adnexitis. So, this treatment is more inclined to provide antibiotics according to the cause, or treatment with hormone therapy if necessary.

With regular medication and evaluation, long-term complications such as fertility problems can be prevented. This means that the treatment success rate is quite good. Periodic evaluation after treatment will help ensure the health condition of your reproductive system.

That is the information we can convey, also read adnexitis.

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