Treatment For Aching Teeth?

Illustration of Treatment For Aching Teeth?
Illustration: Treatment For Aching Teeth?

I want to ask, at this time I have treated my teeth root but there is a leak that causes an abscess. It has been removed from the patch and is being treated. About 1 week later, I started feeling ache every night until I could not sleep. Finally, after taking the blue panadol, I just feel good, but it always does that every night for the past 3 days. Does that mean the drug is seeping into the leaking teeth (bone)? Or are there other indications such as infection / incompatibility with the medicine?

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Hello Canseria,

Root canal treatment is one of the actions taken to overcome infection, decay, or damage to the dental cavity. Root canal treatment is done by removing the pulp cavity and nerves of damaged teeth and then cleaned and closed so that no re-infection occurs. Root canal treatment is not only done once a session but generally several meetings.

After root canal treatment, it can sometimes cause pain and teeth become more sensitive for several days. To overcome this, dentists can provide medicines for patients to consume at home if necessary, for example anti-pain or anti-inflammatory drugs. After root canal treatment is complete, it is expected that complaints will improve and no recurring infections occur.

Taking pain medication as you do might temporarily reduce pain, but if the pain is getting worse now, I think it is necessary to re-establish the condition of your teeth. Therefore, you should control again with the dentist who treats you so that you can evaluate the condition of his teeth and you can be given further treatment that is more leverage.

While waiting for control to the dentist, you should keep your teeth and mouth healthy, avoid chewing on the part being treated for a while, rinse after eating, and brush your teeth in the morning and evening before going to sleep.

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