Treatment For Acid Reflux Disease.?

Illustration of Treatment For Acid Reflux Disease.?
Illustration: Treatment For Acid Reflux Disease.?

I am sick with stomach acid, I have been tested and then given the drug omeprazole taken before meals, but after I drink and I eat my stomach really hurts from the pit of my stomach and also can not eat much. Is this normal or do I have to check again?

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Gastric acid disease, or more accurately called dyspepsia syndrome, can occur due to increased gastric acid production or increased gastric sensitivity to the stomach acid. Clinically, sufferers will often feel sore, nausea, tightness, easy satiety, bloating, lumps, and other uncomfortable sensations that feel dominant in the gut. In more severe cases, you can even experience severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Management of dyspepsia syndrome can be done in different ways depending on the severity, underlying causes, and many other factors. If you have already seen a doctor and given treatment, but your complaint still feels quite severe, we suggest that you balance the treatment with the following steps:

Eat small portions but often and regularly, not too much
Reduce eating spicy, sour, oily, fatty and gassing foods first
Reduce consumption of drinks containing caffeine and soda too
Expand first to eat foods that are easy to digest
Drink plenty of water
Do not arbitrarily add or reduce drugs, except on doctor's prescription
Compress the gut that feels painful with warm water
Use loose and comfortable clothes
Don't lie down right after sleeping
Calm your heart and mind
Get enough sleep

However, if the steps above have not been successful in fixing your complaint, we recommend that you check yourself back to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine in order to provide the best solution, yes. For cases that are suspected of being severe, often, the doctor will direct you to undergo further tests , such as laboratories, ultrasound, x-rays, heart records, or endoscopy. In addition to determining the right treatment, this examination is also important to do to rule out other possible causes of heartburn, such as heart problems, lung disorders, muscle or joint disorders, psychological disorders, and so on.

I hope this helps.

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